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I flirted with blogging on Wordpress for a while. There were some things I liked, others not so much, and in the long run I found it more difficult to manage the WP blog.

I tried to import the WP blog back to Blogger format and could not make it work, so I'm just starting here fresh. Everything happens for a reason, and I'm sure the whole depressing episodes that were last fall probably need to vanish into the Great Internet Beyond anyway.

I thought about bringing the name back over here to Blogger and realized most of the time I just post what's going on with me, or what I'm thinking, or just random goings-on, so why name the blog anything but what it is? It's just about me, the Kelly Girl (and I do prefer the Grrl spelling, it's my punk-loving, rebellious way of expressing myself without flipping everyone off at Tchotckes. Points for getting the reference.)