Lots of bloggers like to invite their friends to participate in challenges. I've seen everything from "be intimate with your spouse every day for a week" to "keep your desk clear" to "have your devotional early in the morning/late at night/during lunch/whenever/wherever" or even "have dinner at the table with your family every night for a week."

They're all valuable things. I like to try and participate when I can. Kristin over at The Faithful Fashionista is leading a challenge to wear dresses or skirts (focus on femininity, modestly natch) for a week. This is one I would LOVE to take part in.

Sometimes I really feel like I forget how to be feminine. I've never been the super-girly type. I don't like a ton of pink or lace or frilly stuff, and I will totally walk away from things with bows or that cotton, crochet-looking stuff on it. I am SO not into the boho thing, or the super-feminine stuff. But then again it's perfectly all right for us to have our own way of expressing it.

I used to wear a lot of skirts. Granted, that was several sizes ago and Chub Rub was not so much of an issue, but I miss it sometimes. You have to walk differently, sit differently, you have to actually think about movement and how you carry yourself (at least I do.) And I think being conscious of movement is a positive thing.

I live in scrubs and khakis now. It's the side-effect of working in a retail pharmacy environment, and it's comfortable as all-get out. Plus I don't have to worry about what I'm going to wear to work every day, so long as everything is cleaned and pressed I'm good to go. But part of me misses the opportunity to find skirts that fit (which is a challenge in itself, but that's a whole other post) and making an effort to wear them for a week.

I know, some of y'all probably think I've gone around the bend. I know it's a Modern Time and I'm a Modern Girl and I don't have to wear skirts to feel feminine. It's just something I like. It's something I feel personally I don't do enough. I still feel weird sometimes wearing pants to church on Sundays. I've worn my jeans a couple of times since moving to Cowboy Country, and it felt so strange I haven't done it since (even though they were a dressy cut and a dark wash.)

And I think it can go too far... I mean there are times and places where skirts are not appropriate and can bring unwanted attention. I'm thinking specifically about the ladies who come to the punch-kick class at the Karate Center wearing leggings and long skirts, trying to exercise without exposing themselves. I may be a heathen in my capri-length exercise gear, but I'm also not constantly trying to manage fabric and not giving the class my all because I can't kick.

So, anyway, what I plan to do is find some fun, girlier accessories to wear with my work clothes. I usually wear just a plain silver necklace with a small cross on it and my silver hoops (in addition to watch and wedding/engagement rings.) This week I'll look for colorful things to put together, even if it's just a different earring or necklace, or even a brooch/pin for my smock.

My challenge to anyone reading this would be - find a different way to express your femininity this week. Do your hair a different way, put together an outfit you might not have tried before, dust off your brooches and pins, heck even paint your nails (even if you're like me and clear polish feels all wild and crazy.) Be as conscious of your movement as you would if you were navigating a chair in a skirt. (Remember, as Tim Gunn likes to remind us, carriage is vital to projecting a positive image and making your clothes look better. And we all love T.G., right?)

Off to dig through the jewelry box!