Feelin' All Right, Uh-huh

So, I'm finally feeling better after dealing with the Strep Monster this week. I started off with a scratchy throat and a general blah feeling, and by Thursday I was down for the count. Thanks to a round of antibiotics and a lot of laying around resting, I'm finally feeling back to myself again.

I learned a few things during these days of total slack-assitude:

  • Daytime television sucks. Big time. I knew it, but there is nothing like laying on the couch or in bed with remote in hand to remind me how much. It's one of those times I thank God for Tivo and DVRs. I could catch up on Mythbusters, Top Gear, and Adult Swim.
  • Gizmo can go from 60 to zero in about half a millisecond. At one point she was trying to nom my toes off, and before I could blink she was passed out on the couch next to me. It was kind of entertaining to watch.
  • I really like strawberry jello and Sprite Zero. And not just when I'm sick either, but they taste better, for some reason, when I'm not feeling well.
  • Naps are nice. We would all probably feel a lot better if we took a nap after lunch.
Tomorrow it's back to work and the regular grind. As much as I hate being home and sick, when my body's had enough it just forces me to stop and recover.

(Just had a thought - isn't that a lot like what God lets us do? We try to force ourselves down the path we think is right, we ignore the signs, and finally Someone says "Okay that's enough" and we get the forced hiatus, and the new direction becomes clearer. At least that's what it feels like to me sometimes.)