It's a brand-new day, not just at Ross

I love those Ross commercials - "At Ross, it's a brand-new day!"

Don't you love that? A brand-new day, like Miss Stacey said in Anne of Green Gables, "fresh, with no mistakes in it." I think that's why we like resolutions, makeover shows, even the talent-search reality things - it's a chance for a brand-new start, a big change, a turn-around in life, something good rising from the bad, or mediocre, or whatever we've dealt with to that point.

Yesterday I blogged. I talked to my husband and mom. I literally and figuratively put it to bed, and today feels better. Yes, stuff will still be there. Yes, I still have to focus on actions and not words. But getting it out of my head felt so good.

And today is brand-new, ready for the very best of me, and the very best this day has to offer all of us. I hope you have a great one!