Back to the grind, for a couple of days

It's Monday.

It's the first day of the month.

On a "normal" day it would be crazy/hectic at work. For those of you who aren't aware, the first of the month is crazy at your local pharmacy because Medicaid slots re-set on the first, so everyone on that particular form of assistance is trying to get their medicine refilled for the month. It doesn't matter how long they've been on it, they are normally quite shocked there are "only" three slots open, and then the figuring out what to get and what to not get, and what to get on our $4 prescription plan begins. (The irritating thing to me is we go through it every month. Same drugs, same outcome, but we have to look at it again. Every blessed month. That tries my patience.)

People who get their "check" from whatever source also tend to get them on the first, and they run to the pharmacy to get their stuff as near the first as they can. (If Lara reads this, she will understand my head-bang-against-the-wall moment from last month when a gentleman asked me to hold his money for him so he could pay for something next week. Thank God I could honestly say "I'm sorry sir, we can't do that.")

It makes for a hectic pharmacy day, and it will be our new summer clerk's first time to experience it, so I know he'll be overwhelmed and asking lots of questions, which is absolutely fine but I remember how I felt after my first time in a pharmacy this busy and it was draining, to say the least.

This isn't a normal first though. Today is also the funeral for one of my co-worker's husband who passed away Thursday morning in his sleep at their home. I know many of the others will go to the funeral at 2:00 today and I'm not sure how exactly we'll deal with it, except that we will manage. I wish we could all be there for her, but this time of the month it's just not possible. I'll be praying for them extra-hard today, because I do know how hard that day of the funeral can be.

Also, it's sort of a short week for me, depending on how the schedule works out today. My folks are coming in on Thursday for a visit, so I will hopefully still be off on Friday and Saturday to spend time with them. There's a lot left to do in the apartment to get ready for them, even though they are staying in a nearby hotel.

Right now, the focus is getting through today. Tomorrow will still be there.