We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming

Well, the folks are back home in Alabama, safe and sound after their trip home. We really enjoyed their visit, and I hope it's not five more months until we see them again. A good time was, as they say, had by all, including a trip to Space Center Houston, playing Taboo without even a glance at how the rules really ought to work, a little shopping/fishing (depending on your gender) and just hanging out together. Nothing big or exciting, but we're not really exciting people.

I did not realize you got to visit Mission Control on the Space Center Houston tram tour and nearly stopped breathing for a moment when I realized where we were and what we were about to see. When I was a kid, I didn't want to be an astronaut, I wanted to work in Mission Control and maybe work to build the space shuttle or a system or something like that. The electrical/mechanical engineering degree never surfaced, but the childhood desire was ignited on Saturday. I thought they might have to drag me away from the MCC and mock-up buildings (which included full-size models of the space shuttle and International Space Station. No joke.)

We're back to our regularly scheduled programming now. Work obliged by being hectic and weird yesterday, and for some reason when I got home I had a cramp or something in my foot that felt like I'd broken it, or stabbed it with a couple dozen Ginsu knives, and I literally cried. I try hard to not be a wuss about Things That Hurt, but this was bad. We iced it, not knowing what was going on except I did not want anyone touching my toes, and I took some ibuprofen. It finally stopped, and I'm hoping today does not include a replay of that little incident. I think I stepped wrong or something (leave it to me to step wrong...)

I'll be studying with renewed effort, and John has lots on the agenda in preparing for this new physical inventory process he's implementing at work as well as getting all the stores online in such a way to allow him remote access whenever. I have no idea how that really works, except that it's not working now and he needs it to. So I just sit and read and nod, acting incredulous when he seems to want it. That's what supportive wives do, right?

Anyway, I miss Mom and Zane, but I'm sort of glad we can get back in our routine and work through this summer. Hopefully it will sort out soon enough with more regular schedules, and one day I won't have to work weekends... I hope. At least I can blog.