Writer's Block and Father's Day

I haven't exactly been sure about what I needed to write these last few days. Father's Day is complicated now, and it churns up these emotions I prefer to keep down a little deeper, at least on a level suitable for daily functioning.

I miss my Daddy. Every day. I've also come to love Zane, not exactly like a father, but it's not just like he's a nice guy either. I'm not exactly sure how to describe it, or if describing it is even necessary. The real point is that I find myself missing my own Dad and hoping Zane has a good day and wishing we could be there to celebrate him. It's just more stuff to ponder those nights I don't exactly sleep like a rock.

And the writer's block. Oy. Sometimes my head is just full of stuff to write, ideas, projects, creative things to keep myself busy and other times - zilch. It's either feast or famine, and it looks like we're in famine now (maybe it's related to the rain or lack thereof here in East Texas.) Whatever the reason, I'm feeling decidedly non-creative right now. It'll pass, it always does, but I think some of Kimberly Wilson's artist dates would be in order.

I have a short week this week, and Friday might be an ideal time to go into Houston and find a museum or gallery or something a little different to see. Maybe find a huge bookstore and just get lost in it. Heck, Ikea is having a big sale and it's easy to spend a whole day wandering around there, even if you don't buy a thing. Either way it's time to indulge the creative, artistic things I like.

Until that writing bug hits again, I promise to not start blog posts with "It was a dark and stormy night..."