My interpretation? Excel is a gift from God.

My Sunday School class is doing a series on spiritual gifts. Of course, the first step is figuring out what our individual gifts are, and we'll learn more about how to use them in our church and community as the weeks go on.

The last time I took this, I sort of assumed I'd have the gift of administration. I mean, come on, I worked as an administrative assistant, that's a freebie, right? Nope, it was not for me a couple of years ago. Now it's my highest scoring area.

I had a four-way tie for second (Helps, Hospitality, Leadership, and Service) and third (Teaching, Wisdom, Exhortation, and Faith.) I'm sort of figuring all those things work together, and the guide does tell us that sometimes Helps and Service are confused so that makes a bit of sense. It's going to be an interesting few weeks as I learn how all these work together according to this particular curriculum, and how I can use them.

One of the exercises was to talk to believers who know you well and get their impressions of your results. I called my mom, and she was not really surprised, although we did get a laugh out of Prophecy popping up in my secondary set of gifts, and my dyed in the wool Baptist relatives will be relieved to know that Missionary and Evangelism were tied at the top of my Subordinate set.

At the very least, it's comforting to know that my anal-retentive attention to detail may actually be a gift from God and not a curse, and that my love of Excel may be used to explore the depths of my spiritual gifted-ness. I feel zero guilt whatsoever in creating a spreadsheet of my results and the corresponding interpretations and associated Scripture passages.