Rainy Days and Exploration

It's been a bit rainy around here, which I am most definitely not complaining about, as it's made the temperatures a bit cooler. Things feel more fall-like with a bit of overcast sky and a temperature below eighty degrees. We're on this weather rollercoaster right now; Sunday I wore a light cardigan sweater and my boots, and tomorrow we may hit ninety.

Saturday morning, John found a gift card for Crate & Barrel left over from our wedding presents nearly three years ago. I had a nice little balance left on it, so I found the one (one, really?) Houston location of C&B and went exploring a bit on my own. I'd been to the Galleria area with John, but had not been off the interstate very much.

It was a fun day. I went to the Galleria and poked around a bit, stopping in Tiffany and Cartier to ogle jewelry, digging through clearance bins at Borders, and generally window-shopping to my heart's content. Lunch was the salad sampler at La Madeleine, and they even had the creamy potato soup I like so much.

The Crate & Barrel is in Highland Village, a few blocks from the Galleria, and I got some great deals on serving pieces and a neat colander that either stands on its own or fits over the sink. There are quite a few shops in Highland Village too, and I looked in a few of those, but they're a bit out of my spending range, especially my minimum-wage pharmacy range. They'd be out of my office-worker range too, but it's that much more evident right now.

I think there is more exploration to be done, and I was glad to see something different and learn about it myself. John has always been the traveler, the explorer, and it's sort of nice to get to experience something new that I can tell him about, even if he's not the least bit interested in the shopping parts.