Changes may be a'coming

It's no secret I've been struggling for over a year now with some big-picture issues in life. I've taken different paths, peeked through doors and windows I was unsure about, trying to figure out what direction I'm supposed to take. It's been frustrating, depressing on some levels, and not exactly a fun-filled adventure on the whole.

One door may be opening and I pushed on it today in the hopes it will open to a better path for me, and for my family. Am I nervous? Of course. Would it be worth it? Without a doubt. I've done what I can do for now, and all there is to do is wait. That seems to be the overwhelming theme of my life lately - wait.

All I can pray for is that the waiting is worth it in the end. I know I would not wait this long for something that wasn't, and I know God has better than that in mind for me. I wish it were as easy as some like to tell you it is. It's just not. This whole trusting God to do what he does best, and trying to be patient for his resolution is just... it's a struggle I don't know I could wish on my worst enemy.

Until the daylight comes through this tunnel, it seems all I do is wait and pray and try to sort out what path is the right one to get me out of this place. Hopefully I will have good news in the coming weeks, leading to more good news from there. We shall see...