2010: A Year in Preview

So, there has been much rolling around in my head of late, mainly regarding whether or not I want to keep on blogging, and what I would like to see happen as a result of my blogging. I don't want to fall into constant navel-gazing, and looking back on my previous postings... well it's a whole lot of navel-gazing.

In light of that, I reveal to my Loyal Reader (insert rim shot) my Action Plan for 2010:

1. Reaching Out - One of my passions is serving the community in which I find myself. I've sucked hard at that the last few years, and gotten caught up in my own poor pitiful me drama, which has rendered me sort of useless when it comes to serving other people. What's the easiest way for a sort of introvert to start reaching out? The Inter-Tubes! So I'll try to post meaningful content when it's at all possible. I've been inspired by Anne Jackson, and want the other "freaks" like me to know they are not alone. Ever.

2. Getting Healthy - Let's face it, Loyal Reader, I am what the kids today would call "mad" out of shape. Unless round counts as a shape (insert second rim shot) - and despite what the circle would have you believe, all the cool shapes have sharp angles. Or so I tell myself. So I'll share my journey toward being healthier, losing some weight, and getting myself in better shape. When I figure out foods that don't suck, I'll share them. When I manage to walk more than 100 yards without oxygen, you'll be the first to know.

3. Hospitality - It sort of goes with the first one, but then again it doesn't. I've been re-reading a book by Karen Ehman called A Life That Says Welcome and thinking a lot about what having a welcoming home means. Will I turn into one of those uber-perfectionists? No more than I already am. There will be no candlelight suppers, with my regrets to Hyacinth Bucket, but perhaps a bit more taking the time to do special things at home I usually save for those rare occasions we have company. Maybe it means opening up our home to company more often. Not stressing as much about whether or not someone just pops in to say hello. It's been on my heart a while, and it seems like as good a time as any to take it on.

4. Relationship - My relationship with you, Loyal Reader. My relationship with my husband, my family, my friends, and most importantly with God. I want to spend this year building them all up and making something solid upon which I can stand. Rather, something WE can stand.

There you have it - an overview of my plan for this year, both in the blogging world and in the reality of my day-to-day. These are things upon which I plan to focus my attention in the coming year, and hopefully find myself a year from now grateful for the lessons learned on the way.