Taking on Some Challenges

The change that was a-coming has finally made it! I started my new job yesterday, and made the decision to consider this time a Season of Change in life and fully embrace it.

I'm taking on a challenge in my work environment, shifting responsibility for a project off one group and shouldering it myself. I think it will be a good thing for me, insofar as professional and personal growth goes, and I hope I can achieve a level of growth that surprises even me. After the first of the year, I will be learning more about the behind-the-scenes part of the internet store workings and have already taken ownership of the operation. It's a challenge, but one I'm ready to accept.

The second challenge I've taken on is the Pound for Pound Challenge on The Biggest Loser website. Since this is an official Season of Change for me, I'm going to shift things around and get out of my comfort zone. That means a renewed commitment to a healthy lifestyle for me and John, and losing weight is the most important part of that. I committed to 25 pounds between now and June 30th. I think it's reasonable, and if I apply myself I can make that happen.

The last challenge is the one I will accomplish first, and it's easily the one that will provide the maximum amount of happiness with the fastest payoff. I have to get completely ready for Christmas! With all the hustle of leaving the pharmacy, working there longer than I expected, and preparing for the Christmas parade on Saturday night, I have let my own stuff fall by the wayside. My family arrives early Christmas Eve morning, and we have to be ready!

Overall, I think the challenges are positive, and will yield some pretty awesome results, both in the short and long runs.