Can I add veterinarian to my resume?

Gizmo, our crazy goofball of a cat, has been chewing her left paw a lot lately. Not her usual just licking it a little excessively, but chewing on it so much she's removed fur. One day last week she climbed in my lap and I noticed swelling and *potential grossness alert* a little pus.

I touched either side of the swelling and quite a bit of stuff came out. John helped out, and while I held her still, he cleaned it with some alcohol and lanced it. {As an aside, we did not have a Happy Kitty during this, but she was not nearly as bad as I expected.} Over the next couple of days we treated with a combination of antibiotic ointment and hydrocortisone cream, and I'm happy to report in just a couple of days she's all better.

I did a little research and figure she had a flea bite that she may have been allergic to, or possibly a spider bite, or something she's not allergic to that just got a little infected. We've noticed no other change, and we seem to be back to full on Spazzy Kitty again.

So I'm thinking I can now add veterinarian, or at the very least veterinary assistance, to my resume. It's growing quite extensive now, my list of alternative skills, and I'm considering a career change to Renaissance Person.