Civic Duty and a New Read

Today I walked over to the county courthouse (just a couple of blocks from our apartment) and voted early in the Texas statewide and local elections. It's one of the things I love about this state - you can choose to go in and vote during a pre-set period before the election, cutting out the long waits and frustration I experienced all those years in Alabama on election day.

Don't get me wrong, I am all about performing my civic duty, learning about local and national issues, and casting an intelligent vote. What I am not all about is waiting in line outside a gym or cafeteria, then waiting for them to find my name, then waiting for a spot to become open, then dealing with pencil or pen, then scanning the ballot (and trust me, I am the Reigning Queen of Ballots Not Scanned Properly the First Time) and then navigating my way out through lines and traffic to get to work. Voting in Alabama is a massive pain in the neck. It's good, it's important, but it's a pain.

Today, I walked in the courthouse, chose which primary I wanted, handed them my voter registration card, and then went straight to the touch screen machine (complete with built-in privacy screens) to very quickly and easily cast my ballot. The ladies working the tables said it had been a good week, other than the weather being unpleasant earlier in the week, and there had not been too much of a line. I had very similar experiences voting in Dallas, once I learned about early voting. Short to nonexistent lines, pleasant poll workers, easy processes, and an overall quick stop, even out here in East Jesus.

After I voted, I went to our local Christian bookstore/gift shop and poked around a little bit. I wound up getting Beth Moore's new book So Long Insecurity: You've been a bad friend to us. I am very, very excited about reading this - the comments on her blog and the discussion have been great, and I think it's a topic we don't talk about enough; personal opinion is because we're afraid to be that vulnerable with other people because it is insecurities we're talking about here.

I'll post a review when I finish, although I may take this with me to Emmaus for some extra reading. The Emmaus walk is next weekend, and I'm excited about the opportunity. I must admit I'm a little... well not exactly put off, but wondering how I'll fit in the East Texas Emmaus community, because it's so very different than what I heard in Dallas (and I am not a joiner as a general rule) so we'll see what I think when all is said and done. I kind of want to warn them in advance I'm not wearing the super-tacky rainbow felt cross thingie. I don't think they'll kick me out for having decent taste... right?