More Baby News!

I had a doctor's appointment on Monday, and everything is going just as perfectly as it possibly could - the baby and I are both healthy and right where we should be. I was twelve weeks on Tuesday, and our estimated due date is now October 19th. We will probably find out gender sometime in early June.

We've decided not to move right now, and John got a storage unit last weekend. He started moving things yesterday, and so the process of getting the nursery together is starting. Things will be a little cramped, but it's definitely not the worst thing that could happen, and it might be good for us to clear out some clutter and simplify a bit. (I really dislike the feeling of a cluttered home, and it's not that everything is unnecessary, it just feels a bit overwhelming.)

I'm looking forward to a weekend trip back to Alabama; I have not been home since we moved here last January, and it's definitely overdue. I think just a few days away will clear my head more than anything else, plus I will get to see my brother and stepsisters, and my adorable nephews, who are growing like weeds from what I understand.

To end on the absolute happiest note possible, here is the newest picture of Baby O - my brother says s/he looks like Vector Man, someone else says a gummi bear, another suggested a Teddy Graham. Either way, s/he is the most amazing thing I've ever seen, and I'm glad s/he's healthy and joining us in just a few months.