Paralysis by Analysis and Fear of Being a Copycat

So I've been pondering the whole way I want to approach this blogging thing, particularly since I'm finally starting to feel truly like myself, and not some exhausted, nauseous, coughing machine. {Sidebar: once the morning sickness got better, the allergies kicked in, and I have been Snotty McCougherson ever since.}

One of the ideas I keep coming back to is writing letters to the baby; using the blog as a way of preserving these memories and sharing with this baby what is going on in his (or her) little life in these days that are just going by too fast. {Sidebar B: I know that will change when I get farther along, just let me glory in this for a bit.}

But I wondered, will people think I'm just trying to copy dooce? How many people who read me also read dooce? How many actually read me anyway, and have not followed the blog out of pity for that poor girl who blogs in spurts and can't seem to move at much more than a snail's pace?

Once again, paralysis by analysis. My one weakness, aside from making spreadsheets for everything. And good seafood. And bread. And Nathan Fillion's wicked combination of gorgeous and hilarious. And... okay so I have lots of weaknesses. (And do I really say "wicked?" Was I inadvertently raised in Boston and then transplanted to Alabama as a small child? Seriously, when did I pick up wicked, and why do I now have the urge to call something wicked awesome?) No, I don't have ADD, thanks for asking.

At any rate, back to the dooce thing - I didn't want to be a copycat. I don't like people who just grab something from someone else's blog and make it their own. I want to be unique, I want to avoid the cookie-cutter, popular girl thing and do my own thing. But I keep coming back to this whole talking to the baby thing, and I want to do it.

So, I've made the executive decision to do it. I'm going to start writing to the baby, all these things that are going on. It might be once a week. It might be once a month. Once the baby gets here it might not be for several months. But I like the idea, and I can make it mine.

Besides, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right?