Changes here at the blog

So you've probably noticed a couple of changes here at the blog.

I'd been toying with the idea of changing the name for some time, but couldn't really come up with anything interesting or different, or that felt like it really fit me. Back in the olden days, when I first started poking around the interwebs, I chose KellyGrrl as my user name. Mainly because my name is Kelly and I'm a girl, and KellyGirl was too associate with being a "Kelly Girl" so I used the Riot/Etiquette Grrl version. Since I'm all creative and stuff.

Lately, I feel the "Grrl" thing is just, well, not me anymore. Everything else I came up with was too long, or too weird, or just not quite right. And then I realized that if I put my initials with Sarah's initials, it kind of spelled something different. A bit unique. It's completely nonsensical but it reflects the way she's changed my life already. I won't ever be just me again - I will always be her Mom. I know that once I hold her in my arms I will feel like a whole new person, and she will always be in the heart of that new person.

It's kind of an evolution - when I realized that John was The Person I'd been waiting for, it changed my life in a huge way. So it reflects the whole person I am - the KN who became the KNO, and because of the O, we have SMO. KNOSMO.

As this project evolves, there will be more changes. I'm feeling a bit nesty and am looking at doing some different things, so keep your eyes peeled. Meantime, thanks for putting up with the growing pains as I figure this thing out.