31 Weeks

So, we are 31 weeks today. I know I sound like a broken record, but the time really, truly is flying by.

I got some wonderful news yesterday - Mom and Zane have decided to come out here for Labor Day weekend, rather than meeting us halfway the last weekend in August! I can't tell you how happy I am to know we'll get to spend some time with them, and by some time I mean more than a couple of hours. Missing them has been the worst part of being pregnant (apart from nausea and fatigue) and I have not actually seen Zane since April, so I'm ridiculously overjoyed to know they're both coming for a weekend.

In baby-related things, we are still plugging along. In addition to the gestational diabetes, I'm having to cut back on sodium and cut *on* the water faucet. My feet are swelling like crazy, and my blood pressure spiked a little high yesterday, so it's trying to find a balance between putting my feet up as much as I can while at work and getting some walking in, and not sweating into a giant pool in this heat. We're on track for one of the hottest Augusts on record in southeast Texas, which makes life very  very interesting.

Sarah is moving around a good bit these days, although not quite as much as she has in weeks past. The neat thing now is being able to watch her move, or to put something on my stomach and notice her kick it. I did that inadvertently one night with a glass of water, and she made her displeasure known real quick. She occasionally gives the cat a thump too, if Gizmo decides to lay on her. We're getting close to time for her to start turning, and it won't be too much longer until she starts to drop a bit - part of me is really happy because I know I'll be able to breathe easier, but part of me is dreading the return of "baby on the bladder" - especially with all the extra water and bathroom breaks I'm taking now. But, it won't be too long, and it means the end of this pregnancy is in sight.

I'm really treasuring these days - I know she will be my only child, and this experience of pregnancy is just unbelievable and miraculous. I'm grateful for John and his putting up with some of the unpleasant symptoms as well as him taking care of me (and Sarah) on the days I just have to put up the white flag and admit it's got me knocked down for the moment. I don't know what I'd do without him.

What's on the radar for now? My doctor's appointment is tomorrow, and we have a childbirth class on Saturday at the hospital. Instead of doing nights during the week, the hospital does what's called a Marathon Class so you only have to be there one day. It works better for our schedule, and I'm sure for many others too. Next week we have an Infant CPR class, and then I have a breastfeeding class in September. Pretty soon I'll start going to the doctor once a week - all that depends on how Sarah and I are doing.