Catching Up, or the Busy-ness of Summer

I've  been remiss in my blogging duties, but we have been insanely busy the last couple of weeks. Between Emmaus, work-related things, the stepdaughter visit, and all sorts of baby-related things, it's been a struggle to find time to catch up. We'll catch up on things over the next few days, but first a quick update.

You've not seen this precious girl in a couple of months, so let me give you a peek at our Sarah Marie. Our 4D ultrasound was on Friday.

She is just beautiful, doing well, and is a pretty good-sized girl already. The sonographer commented on how long her fingers and toes are - she obviously takes after her Daddy in that aspect. She's moving around a lot and making bigger kicks and bumps as time goes on. Depending on how she continues to grow, we may not have to quite wait as long as we thought - so there's that to consider.

Friday was John's birthday, so after the ultrasound we went to the Museum District with Briana and visited the Rothko Chapel, the Byzantine Chapel, the Cy Twombley Gallery, and the Menil Gallery. It was fun and we saw some interesting things (plus, my limited knowledge of 20th century art is still enough to explain things to the kiddo - and impart on her that it really is a cool thing to lay eyes on a real Warhol or Johns.) Dinner was Pappadeaux's - always excellent.

I also found out I have gestational diabetes, so we've had some lifestyle changes to make - not necessarily the easiest thing to do with the teenager home, but we adapted. I didn't follow the diet to the letter, because I am just enough like my own personal mother to not want to cook two different meals. I just made some tweaks to what everyone else ate so it wouldn't be quite so bad on the days we did not eat something that fit specifically into my needs. I'm hoping that goes better now since it's just the two of us and John is not at all picky.

Having the teenager with us was of course not an easy thing, especially when we don't get to spend lots of time with her in the first place. She's just at a fairly self-absorbed phase of life, like many teenagers are, and we don't exactly live in a bustling metropolis (or even a suburb with things to do) so it was boring for her I'm sure. She didn't exactly love the whole ultrasound thing, and spent most of the time texting her friends on her phone. She and John got to spend the whole second week together doing this and that, and I think they had a good time, even if they were on a tight budget. She's back in Charlotte with John's dad for a few days before she heads home, and I think more than anything she's just ready to be with her friends again and get ready for school. I think I'd feel the same way if I were in her shoes.

At some point I'll post about my Emmaus experience. Let's just summarize by saying I did not make it through the whole weekend, and while it may be great for some people, I didn't have this big earth-shattering experience. Parts were okay, some parts were not. I'm not the "let's all hold hands and sway and sing" kind of girl anyway. And I guess I'm not in touch with my inner child or something. It's another post for another day.

Overall it's been a good couple of weeks, just busier than usual. We'll be going to our childbirth class in August, as well as an infant CPR class. One Saturday we're going to meet my parents and get Sarah's dresser and changing table. And then it'll be September, and traveling will begin to curtail a bit as we get ready for her arrival. For those who've asked, I have no clue about showers - no one has mentioned it and I'm certainly not bringing it up myself - so we'll see what we see. If we have one, it'll be nice. If we don't, we'll manage. It's one of those weird things about being still relatively new here. Either way, there is plenty to keep us all busy in the weeks before Sarah.

I'm just grateful for all the good things in our lives right now, and all the better things that are coming.