Moving Week!

When you're 35 weeks pregnant and trying to move, you don't do it all in one day, even if you're me - and Lord knows our moves have not always gone according to plan, so I'm not a shining example of how to do an organized, well thought out move. We'd hoped to change that when we moved out of this little apartment, but life threw us a curve ball and we're kind of throwing it together as we go.

This weekend we're working on moving the big stuff - furniture, electronics, cleaning out the storage unit, all those big boxes I can't carry or even help with an end of these days. Today is a cleaning and packing day to wrap up all the loose ends we need to get together before the Crew of Awesome shows up tomorrow to help John with the big stuff.

My next doctor's appointment is on Friday, so we'll probably take a load of smaller things down then, and then on Saturday morning take the rest of it. That will still give us four days after work if we need to do any last minute cleaning before handing over the keys. I refuse to do what I did when we left Dallas and forget to clean out the oven - that was $35 I felt stupid about losing because I'd even closed and locked the oven to run the self-cleaning function and flat forgot about it.

On the baby front, things are going well. I'm dilated 1cm (which I realize doesn't mean much, and I could be dilated for weeks with no real progress) and Sarah is head-down and assuming the position. My Braxton-Hicks contractions are more frequent these days, and they tend to last a little longer, but that's to be expected. We went ahead and made appointments through 40 weeks, even though we will probably not need them all - it's a lot easier to make them and not need them, and making these a week out can get difficult. We've also got our ultrasound scheduled for October 1st, and we'll get a better idea of how big she is, how she's positioned, and what's going on in Casa de Uterus.

I also feel better about work, since we found someone to take over the web store, and I've been reassured about having a role at the new corporate office when I get back from maternity leave. The only real worry right now is finding good child care that won't break the budget - we're looking at a good bit more in that area than we were planning on in Livingston, but I guess that's to be expected. Hopefully my year review will yield a bit of a raise, and that will help offset the added cost of living. I'm still excited and happy about all this, just trying to be practical. (And reading every coupon blog I can get my eyeballs on.)

So, big week for us, and hopefully everything goes smoothly. We'll have our 'net up at the new place on Sunday, so my blogging habits will probably pick up a bit when we get settled down more in the new place. So much stuff is going on, I don't want to forget a moment of it all.