You Dropped a Bomb on Me

So Thursday, John sends me a text asking if I want to go to lunch. Says he has "news" - of course I ask for hints and get nothing.

Turns out our corporate office is moving from Livingston to Humble; about 45-50 minutes south. It will be about five minutes from Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. Under normal conditions this would be a fabulous thing for us - neither of us really feels like we fit in here in Livingston and we'd talked before about moving in that direction, so on one hand we're both thrilled to be moving back to "civilization" (translation - bookstores, Starbucks, and actual choices in dining out.) On the other hand, I was just turning 33 weeks pregnant, which means our moving timeframe is kind of limited.

Fortunately, things are working out better than we could have expected. Mom and Zane drove out here Friday night and were okay with going to look at apartments with us on Saturday. We wound up liking the first place we saw, and after some additional looking decided it was worth it to us to get our pre-approval done, get a hold on the apartment we wanted, and fill out the online application Saturday evening. This week we'll get all those details ironed out, and will try to take possession around the middle of the month so we can move over the course of a couple of weekends and keep our moving costs down.

At my doctor's appointment on Friday, she told me that because of the gestational diabetes, she will not let me go farther than 39 weeks, but that we'll do another sonogram at 37 weeks to determine her size and positioning, and will probably start making decisions about inductions (or the need for a cesarean section) at that point. There is a possibility, and what that possibility is we don't have any way of knowing, that she could even come at 37 weeks. Dr. Z said that is considered full-term, so if that possibility happens, Sarah will be healthy and able to do all the things she needs to do "on the outside."

You understand my nervousness that we'll move, vacate this apartment in Livingston on September 30th, go to the doctor on October 1st and find out we're having a baby that weekend. (Because seriously, considering how things are turning out for us, it would not surprise me at all.) Either way, we will be holding Sarah next month, which makes me so happy I can't even explain it.

If things work out the way it looks like they will, it will let us move down to Kingwood, be nearer the hospital, and get settled in so that once Sarah comes, John can focus on the office move. That will take a lot of his time in the weeks to come, and I'm hopeful we can get our personal stuff out of the way and have a bit of a routine going so he can give that huge project the attention it needs. The office move should be the week of November 15th - worst case scenario puts that about a month after Sarah's birth, so things should have settled down by then, and we'll be near the new office so he can shuffle back and forth during build-out.

So that's where we are now. Moving personally and professionally before Sarah comes and trying to get everything all sorted out so we can make a smooth transition.