October is finally here!

Seems like I've been waiting for October to arrive for a very long time. We're finally in our new apartment and getting settled, although it's taking a bit longer because of my energy issues and our longer commute. Because John needs to be in the office at 8, we leave around 7 in the morning - however I work until 5:30, so we're not usually home until near 6:30 most evenings. Some nights I have this burst of energy and get some things done, and some nights I just want to crawl straight into bed so I can do my up every 2-3 hours business and manage to get some decent sleep.

Hopefully I'll have pictures of the new place soon - Sarah's room is almost finished and I'm finding room in our tiny little kitchen for all my things. It's funny how I didn't really realize how attached I was to a big kitchen until we got this small one, but it's making me evaluate what I have and what I really need, which is probably good in the long run.

On the baby front, I had a biophysical profile sonogram today, and Sarah is doing well. I know the guesstimates for weight can be off, however their guess is around 7.5 pounds, and measuring anywhere from 3-4 days ahead of schedule. My doctor is not going to let us go past 39 weeks, so realistically we have less than two weeks left before induction. I feel like I have my own zip code, even though I've not really gained a lot of weight overall.

The upside of the sonogram was definitely getting to see Sarah again. My mom swears she looks like Daddy and me, which really makes me happier than I know how to say. (Well, mainly the looking like Daddy business.) I'm curious how much like me she looks, and how much like John, and whether she'll have his dark hair and eyes if she does look like me, or my coloring if she looks like him. (I'm kind of hoping those big brown eyes get passed down, but then again I'm kind of biased.)