The Waiting Game

At my doctor's appointment on Tuesday, we decided to induce on Thursday. Because of the gestational diabetes, my doctor wanted to go ahead and induce just to be on the safe side and not let Sarah get too big. We made arrangements to be at labor and delivery at 6:00 on Thursday morning, with the goal of her arriving sometime that afternoon.

John and I got there right on time, got in the room, and things started moving right along. Dr. Z. told me I was dilated 2cm and was 60% effaced on Tuesday, so we were hopeful there would be more dilation by Thursday and things would move relatively quickly. The on-call doctor said he felt like I was "barely a fingertip" dilated, and less effaced than my own doctor did. We went ahead and started Pitocin, and I was having strong, regular contractions at the three hour point.

(Interesting sidebar, turns out I was having fairly strong contractions and not even really feeling them. Who knew I was handling labor that well?)

The on-call doctor came back in, declared I had not dilated any more, and they were sending me home. Come back Sunday night if she's not come on her own by then and they will give me something to help with dilation, and she will be here on Monday. Dr. Z. happened to be there doing a c-section, and she seemed just as disappointed as John and I were. The reason we didn't keep going is because maybe a couple of days will help her come on her own better, and reduce the chance that I'll need a c-section to get her here.

Mom and Zane decided to come on out today, and are on their way. Mom says that she thinks Sarah just wants her Nina there when she's born, and quite frankly I'm kind of glad they'll be here. I had worked it out logically in my head and gotten myself psyched up to do this with just me and John, but even though it's not working out the way we planned, I am glad to have some family here.

So the plan is simply to wait. The Auburn game comes on at 2:30 this afternoon, and they should arrive right around that time, so I'm making crock pot barbecue chicken and baked potatoes for dinner, and we'll just see what happens these next couple of days. Either way, Sarah will be here on Monday, and I'm so excited I don't even mind the contractions and their flipping between regular and irregular.