Better late than never - Sarah's Birth!

After all the preparations from our no-go on Thursday the 14th, we went in Sunday night the 17th at 9:00 to start the induction process.

By the time we arrived, I had already dilated past four centimeters. We walked a lot on Saturday and Sunday, finished putting together her room, and even went to a car show in Kingwood on Sunday afternoon to try and help move things along. I was having regular contractions every 10-15 minutes, wondering the whole time if I would just go into labor on my own. Happily, they did not have to give me anything to help dilate my cervix, so we just spent the night at the hospital.

They gave me an Ambien to help me sleep, and it just made me sick a couple of hours later, so I really did not get a lot of rest. I was hooked up to the IV already, had the external fetal monitor in place, and my blood pressure was being monitored regularly already, so it was kind of uncomfortable. However, the plus side was knowing this was the real deal, and that at some point on Monday, Sarah would be born.

They started Pitocin early in the morning, and Mom and Zane arrived around 6. The contractions were getting stronger, and the anesthesiologist was great putting in the epidural. By 11, I was getting uncomfortable, and asked Mom and Zane if they would step out. I got a "booster" shot of anesthetic, and by then we were at 9 centimeters and she was making her way toward the exit (single file, please.)

At some point I started feeling like I needed to push. I can't explain it, it was harder to not push than it was to feel the contractions. John got the nurse, and we pushed for probably 45 minutes or so. The doctor came in (and lord love her, there were three other babies being born right at that same time, so she was very busy) and we welcomed Sarah into the world at 2:02 pm on Monday, October 18th.

She weighed 8 pounds, 10 ounces and was 20 inches long. I remember thinking when they laid her on my chest that she was heavy - I didn't realize how heavy, but she felt quite sturdy. John watched her being born, although he did not cut the cord himself. We were both tearing up, and I simply could not believe she was really here with us, in my arms.

She latched on well, and we nursed a bit. They cleaned her up, and gave her back to me quickly so we could nurse some more. I know every mom thinks her child is beautiful, but Sarah didn't have the cone head thing going on, there were no bumps on her face. Her complexion was just perfect. She got 9s on all her Apgar tests, and was just absolutely perfect.

These last two weeks have been such a blur. Mom and Zane were here until the following Sunday, and we've been to the doctor a few times to check her weight (more on the breastfeeding saga later) so my days have been relatively busy. Fortunately we're figuring out things as we go along, and I finally had a minute to update the blog and share our good news with everyone.

One of my favorite pictures from the hospital, to tide the blog over until I can write more: