Catching up

It's been a whirlwind of a month, and I've been remiss in my blogging duties, so I thought it would be a good opportunity now that Sarah is settled down to catch up on a Sunday morning.

We just celebrated her one-month birthday (not officially, with cake and parties) and are gearing up for the holidays with a lot of excitement. I've refrained from putting up Christmas decorations just yet, but we do intend to get a small, live tree next weekend and decorate then. Shopping for Thanksgiving is complete, and my turkey is thawing in the fridge as we speak. I even found a cute little turkey onesie for Sarah to wear on the big day, so she can be all festive for pictures and Skype with the rest of the family.

Things have been going rather well. Initially Sarah lost more weight than the doctor wanted right after her birth, and was not gaining as much as she needed with breastfeeding alone. We added formula supplementation, and now we're mainly formula feeding, with breastfeeding mainly at night and when Sarah seems to want nothing else. I think it may be a comfort issue for her, because she doesn't nurse as much as she just latches on and snuggles up. Either way, her weight went up appropriately and we're not doing twice-weekly nurses' visits anymore.

She's already grown out of her newborn things and is filling out the three month clothes nicely. Her length is the biggest reason we moved her out of the newborn clothes; everything was just too short. That obviously comes as no surprise to anyone who has met John or me as neither of us is exactly short either. I've passed on her newborn things to someone who can use them, and will probably do the same as she outgrows others. We also moved into size one diapers, and I'm thankful for the Amazon Mom program, as we can save a lot on the cost of diapers ordering them online. (Seriously, if you are a parent, take a look at their stuff. I can get a huge box of diapers for a lot less than any store has them, even with coupons.)

On the everyday front, things are going smoothly most of the time. The office moved to our new location in Humble, and although John is tying up loose ends in Livingston, his day-to-day is now here, and we're both grateful for that. The long commute was hard, especially on evenings when he worked late, and the week he traveled was very difficult for both of us. We managed, but it was such a relief to have him home, even if he was still busy with work.

One of the things I've been doing is getting back in the kitchen a bit more. There was a period of time that just smelling food made me feel nauseous, then it was so hot this summer I didn't want to heat up the kitchen for anything, and then with the move it just was difficult to cook or bake a thing. Now that we're getting more settled, I find myself wanting to get back in there and experiment with new things. I'll post later on about the Dutch Baby I made yesterday morning, but I'm enjoying looking for new recipes to try, and finding things that are ridiculously easy but taste great.

I'm feeling more like myself than I have in a long time, even before we moved to Livingston a couple of years ago. Things were so hard for the last four years or so (seems like right after we got married, the caca hit the fan and there was a lot to splatter everywhere) and I don't know if it was moving to Kingwood, or the baby, or a combination of those things, but I just feel like me again. I want to create things, I want to get out my craft supplies and my KitchenAid, and make this feel like home for us (even if it's just another apartment.) I'm grateful for that, and looking forward to finding a church home here and putting down some roots in Texas. I miss my Alabama family dearly, don't get me wrong, and it will always be home to me, but for Sarah, this is home and I want it to feel like that for her.

Speaking of her, here's a picture of her asleep at Five Guys burgers a couple of weeks ago. We had a late lunch, visited a friend of John's, and got out of the apartment for a bit before the craziness of moving began. Sarah was fighting sleep so hard; she wants to watch everything.