Things I Love Thursday - BlackBerry Torch Edition

In reading some new blogs, I found The Diaper Diaries and fell in love with Things I Love Thursday, so I thought I would give it a shot over here.

The thing I'm loving more every day is my new BlackBerry Torch. John got it for me right after Sarah was born so I could have a way to make pictures on the fly and upload them to Facebook for sharing with my family. Since we're so far from my folks and his, it was a good way for me to capture a lot of Sarah's early days and share them quickly. I'm a physical keyboard kind of girl and just did not want the touch screen keyboard of the iPhone or Droid.

Since getting back into a more "normal" schedule, I've been able to use the Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn apps to stay connected to my networks. I do wish there were more "fun" apps for the BlackBerry OS, but I love the way the interface works so much, I'm willing to sacrifice that for functionality (and steal a minute or two playing Angry Birds on John's new Droid.)

Normally I'm not Gadget Girl, but this gadget has quickly become indispensable. I wonder what I did before I had it, especially with Sarah here.