And we have a new location!

Welcome to my new little corner of the internet.

Old links to the blog should redirect automatically. I'll be working on design more in the coming weeks, so please be patient as I sort out the revised look of things around here. (I feel like I should insert a clip of Feist from the Colbert Christmas Special "Please be patient. An authorized prayer technician will be with thee shortly."


Changes here at the blog

So you've probably noticed a couple of changes here at the blog.

I'd been toying with the idea of changing the name for some time, but couldn't really come up with anything interesting or different, or that felt like it really fit me. Back in the olden days, when I first started poking around the interwebs, I chose KellyGrrl as my user name. Mainly because my name is Kelly and I'm a girl, and KellyGirl was too associate with being a "Kelly Girl" so I used the Riot/Etiquette Grrl version. Since I'm all creative and stuff.

Lately, I feel the "Grrl" thing is just, well, not me anymore. Everything else I came up with was too long, or too weird, or just not quite right. And then I realized that if I put my initials with Sarah's initials, it kind of spelled something different. A bit unique. It's completely nonsensical but it reflects the way she's changed my life already. I won't ever be just me again - I will always be her Mom. I know that once I hold her in my arms I will feel like a whole new person, and she will always be in the heart of that new person.

It's kind of an evolution - when I realized that John was The Person I'd been waiting for, it changed my life in a huge way. So it reflects the whole person I am - the KN who became the KNO, and because of the O, we have SMO. KNOSMO.

As this project evolves, there will be more changes. I'm feeling a bit nesty and am looking at doing some different things, so keep your eyes peeled. Meantime, thanks for putting up with the growing pains as I figure this thing out.


24 Weeks

I cannot believe this little girl is already 24 weeks along - we only have 16 left! I'm in month six, and I am no longer feeling that twinge of "okay do I just look like some oddly fat girl, or do I look pregnant?"

Sarah is busy rolling around, giving me the occasional thump to the inside, and I try not to freak out too much the days I don't feel a lot of movement. The doctor and What to Expect both say that at this point I may still not feel some of her movements, and she may just sleep some days more than others, or be less active.

We sort of stalled out on her room - there are still two desks stacked in the corner that need to be moved, we just have to get someone to help John get them down the stairs. I have some of the supplies to finish her name for the wall, I just need to get the rest of it. Quite frankly I've been a little more tired than usual lately, probably the heat we've had the last few weekends getting to me. I need to get moving on that so we can have her room ready in plenty of time.

I've also been a little clumsier than usual. I fell over my own feet in CVS last week and caught myself on my knees, fortunately. Dr. Z says not to worry too much about it, but at this point if I do fall and land on my abdomen I need to go to the emergency room to be on the safe side. I'm going to try real hard to keep the tripping to a minimum - since I'm so graceful as a general rule, pregnancy clumsiness is a little more pronounced. Between that and the reality of Pregnancy Brain, I'm kind of a mess some days, but fortunately it tends to pass quickly.

We're headed out tomorrow to pick up Briana for her summer camp. The one her mother chose is in Hattiesburg, at USM. It's a psychology camp for gifted students, and it lasts three weeks. The interesting thing will be how she deals with the more stringent rules - particularly no cell phones, no laptops, no video games. She's a very plugged-in child, like so many teenagers are now, so the forced period of unplugging will probably be very good for her in the long run. I do think John will appear to be an angel at the end of the tunnel when he picks her up and gives her back the phone and electronic gadgets.

The other nice thing is that this will provide us a little weekend away. We pick up Briana on Saturday night late at MSY, and she has to be in Hattiesburg early the next afternoon. We're spending the night outside New Orleans, and will spend the night somewhere between Hattiesburg and home on Sunday so we can head back at a more leisurely pace on Monday. I don't travel quite as well as I used to - more frequent restroom/beverage stops are just part of life now - so having the extra day is a real God-send. I think we both need to unwind and take advantage of what may be our last childless road trip for a number of years.

And I'm certainly not complaining. One of the things that's struck me as we talk about Sarah, and other people we know with small children or babies, is how very wanted our little girl is. I've been waiting a very long time for the right time to make us a family of three (and sometimes four) - I just hope Sarah always understands she is here because her Daddy and I love each other, and we wanted her. She's not here to keep something together that's falling apart. She's not here because someone's birth control didn't work. She's not here because one of us is manipulating the other one in any way. She's here because we love her. I just want her to be surrounded by love, family, friends, happiness, and all the good things we can possibly give her.

I really can't believe I'm only about 16 weeks from holding her in my arms and showing her how very much she is loved.