December 31, 2010

It seems a bit cliche to pause today and do a little thinking about the year that was, and the year that is yet to be.

For me, 2010 was a year of dramatic change, in my personal life if not professionally. We were finally able to move away from the tiny little East Texas town we'd moved to in January 2009. That was a huge morale booster for me, as I was really having a difficult time in said tiny East Texas town and was just not feeling right about it. Most importantly, in the twelve calendar months of 2010 I carried and gave birth to Sarah. It was literally a life-changing moment. Watching her grow these last couple of months has been amazing, and everything before October 18th feels like a blur.

I want to be realistic about the things I accomplished in 2010, and the things that can be done in 2011. I have some goals written down in my planner, and although I won't share them all here (because really some of them would probably bore you) it will suffice to say there are a great many things yet to do, and I'm excited, and a little scared, about tackling some of them.

What I have learned is that individuals are capable of so much more than they can possibly imagine. Someone reasonably wise told me fear is simply lack of knowledge. The way to circumvent it is to either gain knowledge ahead of time, or recognize you will learn what you need along the way. If I had to do one of those one word year predictions for 2011, it would be "learning." Learning to be a good mom. Learning to take a professional certification exam. Learning to use my new camera. Learning to use my new sewing machine. Learning to save and earn more to contribute financially to our family. Learning to adapt to change. Learning the things I may have felt too afraid to learn before.

So, as much as 2010 blessed me, I'm looking forward to 2011. Besides, it's never too early to start planning for that first birthday party, right?


Things I Love Thursday - BlackBerry Torch Edition

In reading some new blogs, I found The Diaper Diaries and fell in love with Things I Love Thursday, so I thought I would give it a shot over here.

The thing I'm loving more every day is my new BlackBerry Torch. John got it for me right after Sarah was born so I could have a way to make pictures on the fly and upload them to Facebook for sharing with my family. Since we're so far from my folks and his, it was a good way for me to capture a lot of Sarah's early days and share them quickly. I'm a physical keyboard kind of girl and just did not want the touch screen keyboard of the iPhone or Droid.

Since getting back into a more "normal" schedule, I've been able to use the Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn apps to stay connected to my networks. I do wish there were more "fun" apps for the BlackBerry OS, but I love the way the interface works so much, I'm willing to sacrifice that for functionality (and steal a minute or two playing Angry Birds on John's new Droid.)

Normally I'm not Gadget Girl, but this gadget has quickly become indispensable. I wonder what I did before I had it, especially with Sarah here.


Merry Christmas

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!