Happy New Year!

In years past, I have tried mightily to avoid doing housework on New Year's Day. I've heard more people say "what you do on New Year's Day will be indicative of what you'll do the rest of the year" and lord knows I do not necessarily want to do housework all the time.

This year I decided to toss all that out the window. I cleaned, deep cleaned mind you, almost all day. I scrubbed bathroom baseboards. I mopped floors. I vacuumed under things. With John's help, all the Christmas decorations are down and put away. I cleaned everything I could find to clean, and the results are just wonderful.

Now, part of the reason was having John home to manage Sarah so I could focus fully on the deep-cleaning while I had a chance. Part of it was a three-day weekend, so I don't feel like I've lost half my time just cleaning. Part of it was just wanting to feel like I'd gotten something accomplished to start off the year. Who wouldn't want a year of doing things that need to be done, and feeling like you've really made a difference in your home and for your family?

I also took a different spin on the traditional New Year's meals. I picked up some cinnamon rolls at HEB for breakfast so I wouldn't have to worry about cooking anything. We snacked all morning, and I did a late lunch/early dinner of leftover ham and black eyed peas. Instead of collard greens, which neither of us like, I picked up some fresh spinach at the store and pondered how to prepare it. In the end, I made homemade spinach dip, and it turned out great. I even went lower-calorie and used fat free cream cheese, skim milk, and low-fat mozzarella and parmigiana cheeses. (It also called for two teaspoons of Tabasco sauce, but I only used one.)

So tonight I can sit back and relax. My home is clean, my husband is fed and happy, my daughter is sleeping soundly in the other room (and her teething fever is down for now too!) This is how I want my 2011 to be - happy, content, knowing my family is safe and provided for no matter how blustery it may be outside our four walls.