Icepocalypse 2011

All last week, Houston meteorologists kept telling us we might get some snow Thursday night into Friday morning. At some point, and I'm not sure when because I was feverish the first part of the week, it turned into a potential Snowmageddon. Phrases like "up to four inches of snow in Houston" were being tossed around, and the Great Panic began.

Tuesday afternoon, I ventured out to get cat food and bread, because we were out of cat food and bread, and the grocery stores were already starting to go insane. At three on a Tuesday afternoon, my local HEB was packed out. I did not even try going out later in the week, since the threat of the S word makes people south of, oh say Maryland, lose their minds.

Thursday, people were working from home because some reports said the weather would start around noon. As the day progressed, that changed to "between three and six" and later on, "between midnight and nine a.m." - the expected time of arrival continually pushed farther and farther back. Meanwhile I sat at my desk, and looked out the window from time to time at... well nothing. No rain, no snow, no hint of anything except a cloudy, dreary day in Houston.

Friday morning we woke up to ice. There was a healthy half-to-one inch of ice covering everything; cars, stairs, banisters, porches, trees. Thankfully our power never even flickered and we were able to stay warm and cozy in the apartment all day, playing with the baby and just enjoying a pajamas day. By the end of the day, it looked like most of the thickness of ice was gone, and this morning we've just got a healthy coat of frost. It'll be in the mid-fifties today, and near sixty tomorrow.

I had to laugh at one of our local news stations this morning though, they were talking to kids who were all disappointed because there was no snow. To improvise, they were pulling ice off plants and throwing hands full of ice at each other. Only in Houston is it okay to hurl ice at your little brother because there was no snow. Because ice shards are totally safe for throwing, right?