This is the story of how I went out for groceries and came back with a car.

Saturday, I wanted to run out to Wal-Mart and the grocery store, and hopefully avoid some of the Super Bowl Shopping Madness I knew would be waiting later in the day. So I asked John if he wanted to go with me. I fully expected it to feel very cold outside, and thought it would be a nice quick trip to the store and back. We packed a bag for Sarah and headed out.

Turns out, it was pleasant out; not too cold at all and not much in the way of wind. So John asked if I wanted to go to CarMax just to see what they had. We went over, found out our financing situation was better than we thought (thank you, Jesus!) and wound up becoming the proud new owners of a 2008 Chevy Impala in Mocha Brown Metallic. Yes, even my car is coffee-colored. It's black on the inside, so hopefully any spilled coffee wont' show so badly. Cloth interior, which I wanted. No sunroof, which I also wanted. (When sunroofs work, they're nice. When the electric starts getting jacked up, they're not so nice. When the seal messes up, they're miserable.)

We didn't even have to pay them to take the Taurus! (I kid, sort of.) The Taurus had thumbtacks holding up some of the interior, a giant crack across the windshield, numerous dings and dents, and a lovely set of yellow pinstripes acquired just recently during a run-in with a pole in the parking lot of Jason's Deli. Because honestly I had stopped caring about the Taurus. I know, totally wrong of me, but I had. It was a band-aid car, and it worked well for that.

I'm just grateful to have something now that I know will run consistently, that I won't have to worry about lights coming on and off randomly, and that I'm not more than a little embarrassed to take to pick up catered lunches at work, or have co-workers help me get things in and out. And yes, that's shallow and vain and ridiculous, but I really was a bit embarrassed by the Taurus. It wasn't even that it was old... it had just been used very, very hard.

And I've promised, this baby is getting vacuumed out and washed regularly. No taking this one for granted, or just not caring how it looks. Cross my heart.

That, boys and girls, is the day I went out for groceries and came back with a car. No fooling!