Well there went January!

I blinked, and January passed without another blog post. I guess that's what happens when work gets busy and babies continue teething.

We did confirm with the pediatrician, Sarah is definitely teething. She was not feeling so great a couple of weeks ago and I took her in for a visit. She was fine, thankfully, but Dr. B did confirm that she is teething. She's also growing by leaps and bounds, weighing in at 15 pounds and already a tallish girl at 26 inches. We moved her up to six months in all her clothes and she is now in size two diapers. I cannot believe my baby is already this big. She doesn't need the head support in her car seat anymore either.

Work has also been very busy, with lots of meetings and new responsibilities. It's been non-stop, which I really like because it makes the day go by much faster. It's not been without challenges, but I'm learning this new environment. The office is much different than the store - granted there are days I miss the store and the people I worked with there, and the issues at the office are definitely... more challenging, but I think I have more opportunity now.

I've also been sick the last part of the month, dealing with a sinus infection and strep throat myself. Thankfully neither John nor Sarah has been sick with this, so hopefully the liberal coating of Lysol the apartment is getting will help prevent that. I think I've washed and scrubbed everything there is to wash and scrub, so it's clean at the very least.

We also got in a quick trip to San Antonio - mostly for work, but I got to visit with my Aunt Judie and Uncle Gary for a bit. It was nice to get away if just for a couple of days, and even if John had to work the whole time. I'm looking forward to going back for a longer visit at some point. San Antonio is a lovely city.

Well, that was a quick recap... hopefully as Sarah sleeps more consistently through the night (which she is doing very well at so far) I will have more time in the evenings before bed to do things like update blogs and have more than a passing relationship with my husband. It's been hectic, but fun. I can't wait for the next part of our adventure as a little family of three/four (we always count Briana, even if she's not with us.)