March is nearly over...

I've been much remiss in my blogging, but life has been hectic.

 Sarah turned five months old on Friday and is changing so quickly I'm almost afraid to blink. We've moved past rice cereal (which she hated) to oatmeal cereal (which she loves.) She's got her first sippy cups now and is doing remarkably well with them. I'm transitioning her from the six month size clothes to nine, and am trying to figure out something appropriate for her for Easter.

Being her mother is really the most amazing thing. Some days, when I walk out of the office feeling thin and worn and wondering if things will ever be better, I get to daycare and she looks at me with this ear-to-ear grin that makes all that stress and frustration melt away. If John has to get her because I'm working late, the second I look up and see that little face smiling at me, I feel almost revived. She really does bring joy, even when we're dealing with teething or general fussiness (Princess Fussy Britches gets a little testy when she's tired.)

Work has been... challenging is the best word I can think of. It has made me look at myself twice, and then twice more, trying to figure out how best to handle some difficult situations. I am trying to view this as a Meaningful Learning Experience.

Other than that, I've been experimenting a bit in the kitchen. Some things were successful - the homemade whole wheat calzones were a huge hit. Some were not so much - the cajun rice and sausage skillet was not a winner. I have a new favorite cookie, courtesy of Brown Eyed Baker that I will have to share with you, because it's Made of Win. I have yet to actually use the sewing machine, just as I have yet to finish a book (or the Sunday paper.) I've logged some good walks, and since the sun is out later, I'm hopeful I can get more of those in.

Things are just in a constant state of flux, but I'm okay with that. In this season of life, it's what we need to do, and I'm learning to be more flexible, more patient, thinking more about how things will affect the long run, and making up silly songs to get us all through the day.

My cousin Jerrod is blogging now, and he reminded me of something I realized I have unfortunately not heard in a church (Methodist or otherwise) since I left St. Andrew, and it's brought me comfort. Kyrie, eleison - Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy. The world seems upside down; it is important to remember that.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. ~ I Corinthians 16:34