The Voyage Home

Last weekend, we were fortunate to be able to make a longer visit back home to Birmingham.

John made the call to drive on Wednesday night, so Sarah would sleep more and we could make better time. That was a great call, because she slept from just east of Beaumont to just west of Tuscaloosa. We swapped off a couple of times, tried the 5 Hour Energy, which worked surprisingly well, and then went back to sleep pretty quickly after we made a stop in Cottondale.

I slept a little on Thursday morning, but was pretty much awake (I have a hard time sleeping during the day. My body is just up, so I deal with it) so I took Sarah to my Mom's office so we could have lunch. Afterwards, I got my hair cut at my step{sister}'s salon, and we headed for home.

Friday, Mom and I went shopping while John and Kevin headed out to their first day at the track. It was a good day. We got to visit the new outlet malls near the Bass Pro Shop near the Barber Motorsports Park, and then went to Penney's in Trussville. We headed for home, and had dinner with my step{sisters} and their families. The boys were darling with Sarah. C2 was kind of skittish when we went back in February, but after C1 got there and wanted to play with her, he was fine.

Saturday we went to C1's soccer game, and then one of my aunts, my cousin, and her family came over to meet Sarah. That lasted most of the afternoon, and we had a quiet evening in.

Sunday, Sarah and I went to church with Mom while Zane, John and Kevin all went out to the track. Lunch at Mellow Mushroom, which I miss a lot, quick stop at Kohl's for more Sarah Shopping, and we spent the afternoon at home. I did a little laundry, got things packed up, and we enjoyed our last evening in Alabama.

Monday we hit the road before six a.m. and made it back to our apartment a little after five. We had a couple of extended stops, but it was a good trip back. Sarah did really well until that last little bit, but I think she was tired of the car seat, and quite frankly I was tired of the car too. John worked and fed her, laptop open in the back seat, one hand holding the bottle while he worked with the other.

We had a good trip. I got to spend a lot of time with Mom, and do a few things with the step{sisters} and their boys. It was really unusual for me; I get so used to doing everything by myself, or just with John. I went four whole days with other people who not only offered to help, but who just did. Someone was always there to hold her so I could eat or go to the restroom or get a bottle or whatever I needed to do. She had cousins to play with, and C1 wanted to hold her hand while she was in the stroller at his soccer game.

I could get used to that. That's honestly the thing I miss the most about being all the way out here in Houston. I miss my family. I miss just doing little things together. I dislike the fact I don't get to see too many of C1's soccer (or football or t-ball) games. I dislike the fact we won't be able to see the new addition, when C2's little sister/brother comes along. I haven't really made many friends out here, and it gets kind of lonely.

I'm trying to fix that. I think once I find a church I like, it will be better. I think once I get happier at work and fix that situation, it will get better. When Sarah is a little bigger and we can go play with friends, that will be better. I know I can't live my life waiting on things to happen, which is why I'm working the plan we laid out a few weeks ago to make things better. For now, I fake it when I have to until I can make it real.

But it was awfully good to be home.