Just Write

So, I was reading HR Idealist - Time to Get a Little Personal and realizing that although I'm not busy with the same kinds of things, I take the very same approach to blogging.

I feel like blog posts are akin to me speaking at a podium in a large auditorium, with a room of people who may or may not like what I have to say, agree with it, and who have free rein to critique. And not only can they critique the content, they can give unsolicited feedback about style, colors, fonts, frequency... anything.

So my goal is to simply write at least twice a week. That's a starting point. It doesn't have to be a carefully written analysis of anything, or a super-descriptive outline of everything going on. I just have to write.

It may not seem like it from my lack of posting, but I love to write. I "write" things in my head all the time, I just am horrible about putting them to paper. I get busy with the other things, the busy-ness of life, and I don't put them down.

So that's the goal. Get past the idea that I'm in an auditorium about to get red marks all over my posts. Just write.