So we've been busy the last few days. Briana has been with us for a couple of weeks, and is going back home on Sunday, so my spare time has been taken up with her, and doing things as a temporary family of four.

It's been fun. We took the girls to the Houston Zoo last Saturday, and on Sunday we went to the pool. It was Sarah's first time, and she did really well. John was off work on Monday and took Briana to Johnson Space Center, and then on Tuesday his mom came up from El Paso and the four of them went to Galveston and to Moody Gardens. Sarah sat through a 3D movie about dinosaurs and apparently did quite well. We had dinner with John's mom on Tuesday evening, and she made it back yesterday evening. It was a quick visit, but they enjoyed themselves.

Work has been crazy. Suffice to say that is all I can say. I am pursuing a long-put-aside dream of working in Human Resources, and am also looking into what classes I'll need from the local community college to get me ready for University of Houston (or wherever I go.) Thanks to those who have reminded me that I do not need some lofty goal of Wanting To Help People to be good at it, and that there is plenty of room for someone who wants to cut the crap, get work done, and even get my Excel on.

Blogging is the first thing that falls to the wayside. I'm trying to remember to just write, but sometimes things just don't come out, or they sound odd and stilted. I'm hoping that by just putting things out there, my writing will improve.

Naturally, I will leave you with pictures of Princess Fussy Teething Will Never End, Will It?
Hanging out at the Houston Zoo.
Chilling by the pool.