Pardon the technical difficulties

I'm fiddling around with blog design and as a result you may see all kinds of weird and not so wonderful things while I suss this out.

In the meantime, another list o'stuff:

1. Sarah has an ear infection. It's her first and I'm grateful we haven't had the problems others have with their little ones. My younger nephew already had tubes in his ears by ten months, and one of her little friends at daycare also already has them. So I can deal with one infection. John took her to the doctor and stayed with her yesterday; I'm taking today and working partially from home. (Thanks to my boss for being awesome in a not-so-awesome place and letting me do that.)

2. We signed a lease for another year in the apartment. There is much discussion of buying a house, but at this point I'm kind of loathe to start it in earnest, because that was the point at which John got laid off in Dallas and I might be a little gun-shy of making more permanent plans thanks to about three years of what felt like constant change for us. I'm the one woman in the world who is not chomping at the bit to buy a house and start painting, at least it feels like it.

3. It's been unspeakably hot here in Houston. We're talking melt your glasses to your face hot here. Actual temperatures over 105, so the Heat Index becomes inconsequential. When it becomes that hot, it stops "feeling like" whatever else you want to add and it's just a matter of which circle of Hell we're currently residing in. The weather guy says it's going to go down to 91 and might even rain. I hope he's not just yanking my chain.

4. I keep going to a particular university's website and poking around the programs they have available. I know it's probably daft to even consider it with a small child and a headache of a job and no idea how I'd pay for it, but it's a consideration. There's a lot rolling around in my head these days. I need something of substance to bounce it on.

5. Speaking of things I may be daft for doing, I also volunteered to help at the baby consignment sale the church I'm attending holds every fall. I'm also planning on getting rid of as much old stuff of Sarah's as I can, and considering that a head start on Christmas shopping funds. I might be able to see the floor in her big walk-in closet if I can get the clothes that no longer fit out of there.

6. Okay, so this list is getting out of hand but... how did my not quite a year old baby start wearing 18-24 month sized clothes? I mean, I don't want her to stay little forever and I know she's growing up, but geez... some of the stuff I have was worn maybe twice? There's a couple of dresses I know she wore just once. The next time I blink, she'll be in college.