Ten Months

Dear Sarah,

Today you turned ten months old. Last night you took your first steps in our living room, holding your Daddy's hands. It's hard to believe you've officially been outside Mama longer than you were inside. I used to kind of roll my eyes when people went on about how amazing it is watching their kids grow up, but now that I watch you, I understand, even though I do try to not talk about you 24/7.

Don't get me wrong, it's not always easy. Teething has been so hard for you, and it's been hard on Mama and Daddy watching you be in pain and only being able to do so much for you. Thanks to Cousin Robin we got hooked up with teething tablets, which are helping us all sleep a little better at night. And thanks to Daddy who reminded Mama that a glass of wine really can help me unwind a bit in the evenings so I can get rid of the tension of the day.

But overall you are a good kid. We have our routines down even better now since you seem to prefer holding your own bottle and eating with your fingers. You love getting baths and splashing in the water. You've taken to the pool almost literally like a fish and will probably be swimming better than me very soon. You laugh and smile; you charm the socks off people at the grocery store.

Now you're saying "Da-da" and "Ma-ma" a little more frequently, and we're working on teaching you "hi" and "bye" and the wave to go with it. You apparently decided to pray along with Pastor Jim at church during Communion, but no one seemed to mind, and most wanted to come see the adorable little girl with the rather embarrassed Mama in the back pew afterward. If we could only get you to keep your shoes on, we'd be in business.

I'm already getting your birthday plans underway, and will soon turn our office into guinea pigs for all the cupcakes and party things I'm planning for your big day. Your party will be on your big sister's birthday. Nina, Papaw, and Gramma are all planning on coming to Kingwood to celebrate with us, and even though it will be a small 'do, it will be rather special.

You are so loved, little Monkey. I hope you never, ever forget that. Even when we deal with the worst of whatever the twos and threes and tweens and teens bring us, I hope you know that you are here because you were wanted, and that you have been loved from the moment we saw a plus sign on a stick. I'm blessed beyond measure to have you.