I got better

September has been a month of massive changes for the O household. My last post mentioned my husband getting let go from the job that moved us from Birmingham to Texas, and then down to Houston.

He was out of a job quite literally two whole weeks. I truly believe this is nothing but answered prayer; we have not missed one beat and both believe he's going to be much happier in his new work environment than he's been in a while at the "old" (for me still "current") employer. It was stressful, but thank God it all worked out quickly.

I'm also preparing to get some dental work done. I can be a shining example to Sarah of why you must go to the dentist regularly, floss twice a day, you know, do all those things I neglected to do. I'm finally past all my waiting periods to get the repair work I need done, and let me tell you it is not going to be fun (or inexpensive) but it needs to be done.

I joined the church I'd been visiting, and Sarah will be baptized the Sunday most of her grandparents will be here for her birthday party. I'm happy to finally make that decision and get us settled in a church home. It really feels like an extension of family, and I know that's what it should be.

Speaking of Sarah's birthday, the preparations are in full swing. We tossed around all kinds of theme ideas, but came back to one of the first ones - our little monkey is having a monkey-themed party, complete with banana cupcakes.

Lots going on, lots to be thankful for, lots to look forward to... life is pretty darn good if I do say so myself.