So that happened

Remember my bullet point last post when I talked about being gun-shy when it comes to buying houses because of what happened in Dallas when John got laid off?

So that's happened again. I know I didn't do it, but I feel like I may have talked it up. John was let go from his job on the 31st with some reasons that don't really matter right now because we have to regroup and figure out how to get him working again.

It makes me wonder if we're going to have to move again, and if we have to move, where will it be? I mean, don't get me wrong I would purely love to be closer to my family, and potentially get out of the oven that is Houston, but that means another move. We've not moved as many times as some, but for someone who hadn't really ever moved at all until a few years ago, I've logged some miles.

Right now, if you're a praying sort of person, we'd really appreciate whatever you would be willing to send up for us. Lots of things are up in the air, and even though I still have a job, we can't make it on what I make (which is a whole other issue entirely, but that is not going to be fixed in time to help with this.)