The good kind of busy

So I could post again about how busy life is, and how I wished I were blogging more, and it would be sort of true.

However, we are in what can be called the good kind of busy. Sarah's trying to walk, she's eating table food and wanting to try whatever John and I are eating (more incentive to eat healthier foods so she's used to eating them, right?) work is crazy, home is awesome, and things are going just about as well as they could overall.

I had an infection last week and went to the doctor, who told me I probably need to lose some weight. I knew I'd gained some, but had no idea how much. When I saw the number on the scale, I kind of had a moment because it was higher than that highest number... but that can be fixed too. Yesterday we found a new bike for me, and we ordered a pull-behind trailer for Sarah, so soon we can do those family bike rides we've been talking about for so long.

Sarah's grandparents (mostly) all roll into town on Friday evening. Her party is Saturday, her baptism is Sunday, her official birthday is Tuesday, and her doctor's appointment is Tuesday. Her Grandma is leaving Monday morning to head back to El Paso, and her Nina and Papaw (my mom and Zane) will be here through Thursday, doing all sorts of fun stuff with her.

Briana's birthday is the 15th, and we've got her birthday box ready to put in the mail, probably tomorrow. It's hard to believe she's 15, in high school, and we're talking about cars and drivers licenses. 

AND... we have a new baby in the family. KD is CB's new little brother and although they had a brief stay in the NICU, everyone is home safe and sound. We've seen some pictures and video, and he's a doll. (Although what is it with these boys having all this hair, and Sarah being bald? Genetics are weird sometimes.)