Terror at Sea Level

Okay, maybe not "terror" but the last couple of weeks have been crazy-busy. Bullet points, because I love them.

  • We did the fall festival at our church on Sunday afternoon - the second-lamest trunk or treat decorations there... although maybe we were the lamest since we didn't even win the Least Decorated award. The corollary to this is don't wait until the day of the even to duck out and grab stuff. We were next to a guy with dry ice giving mini lessons on phases of matter... and we had five plastic spiders.
  • Sarah's second Halloween went pretty well. She's still not eating candy (because yes, I am *that* mom, not letting my one year old eat candy) so at the festival she just looked at all the other trunk decorations with this studious expression, like she was trying to figure out what all the fuss was about.
  • We had a couple of trick or treaters, but the hellions, crumb-faced munchkins, kids didn't show up until after 9 - we had the doors locked and were turning off lights inside when they knocked. And the mom in my head kept thinking "they are WAY too young to be out trick or treating this late!" (As Laurie would say, I'm really 58 years old.)
  • Work has been full of drama on some levels - if I could tell you half of it, you would never believe me. I am making every possible effort to keep my head down and use the philosophy that the only way around is through. I sit in my cube and work quietly and hope they just sort of forget I'm here. I mean, keep paying me, I'm not stupid, but just let me come to work, put in my hours, and go home please and thank you.
  • I have some greater plans. I'm not quite ready to talk about them just yet, and I'm not quite to taking over the world territory, but it would certainly make my little part of the world much more awesome. I feel like I'm standing on the edge of something amazing, but I'm hesitant to take that first step. Insecurity and fear are hard to put totally behind you is all I'm saying. 
To wrap up the post, here's a picture of Princess Fussy Britches, aka Miss Bonesy McBoneserson, aka Center of the ENTIRE Universe - In Her Own Mind Division.

My two favorite people - and how handsome is her Daddy?