Hey look, I'm still alive!

Clearly  I'm running for Worst Blogger Ever. So my goal is just to blog when I can, even if it's not particularly awesome in content. To get there, you have to get moving, right?

The main thing taking our time at home lately is Sarah and her teeth. When she started teething at three months, I have to admit for a minute there I thought "hey, maybe we'll get this over with fairly quickly." (I'll pause here so the parents who might be reading can catch their breath from laughing over that thought.) So we're putting pacifiers and teething rings in the freezer, using Tylenol and teething tablets to help, particularly at night, and trying to explain to a 16 month old that this does not last forever, promise.

Sometimes it's kind of hard to believe Sarah is already 16 months old (nearly 17) and walking all over the place. She's going through this Mama-centric phase, so I have to watch where I step because she might be behind me, and I kind of already stepped on her foot once and don't particularly want to have to soothe for that again, because I really felt bad about it. If John and I are in a room and he has his arms open saying "come to Daddy" she will turn around and run to me, even if my arms are full of something, or I'm otherwise occupied. It's not that I don't love having her around, but sometimes I do sort of look forward to the Daddy Phase, just so I can go to the bathroom in peace.

(And yeah, all those stories about little hands under the door? I totally get you now. When I shower, I have to close doors so Sarah does not try to pull back the curtain and get in with me.)

On the plus side, she is mimicking me in good ways. The other day she took a wipe and started wiping off the toilet lid while I was cleaning the bathroom. She'll find little things on the floor and bring them to one of us, and is not happy until you take it, and then we have to clap. It makes cleaning take a lot longer, but at least she's learning.

Oh, and we may be raising the Accessory Queen. She loves to put on these beads we got at the Mardi Gras party at church, along with one of those little rubber awareness bracelets, and whatever bag she can get her hands on to put over the other arm (because naturally we don't put our bracelet and our bag on the same arm. It's all about balance, y'all.)

Now if I can just teach her that Uggs and Crocs are no-nos, and that pattern mixing is not always a good idea, we will be well on our way to raising a well-adjusted young lady.