I love Saturday mornings. It's the one morning of the week I don't have to rush around to get somewhere unless I want to. Sundays are great, but we still have to rush a bit to get ready for church, and by the time we're done with that it's nearly Sarah's nap time, and then it's getting things sorted out for the week ahead, so the day tends to rush by before I know what's happened.

This Saturday, I'm working on actually planning out our meals for the week. I know, crazy right? You would think someone who loves planning and preparation as much as I do would be all over menu planning. Yeah, not so much.

To borrow a phrase, when I fail to plan for this, I'm literally planning to fail. We wind up eating out way too much, or eating not so great things, and if I'm serious about this healthy lifestyle thing that needs to change. And so I attack this project again this morning, and work on a grocery list so I don't forget anything. When I get better at this, I'll add in coupons (and not just the yellow ones at HEB.)

A little work on an otherwise lazy morning will make the rest of the week go smoother. I know this. All I have to do is resist the wormhole of following the Fug Girls links...