The More You Know, Part I Lost Count

I've been rather absent from blogging for some time, for a multitude of reasons, none of which are really important.

But I'm back with an important lesson. If this were NBC, there would be one of those shooting star/rainbow graphics with "The More You Know" on either side. And really it's something I already knew, but the reality of the idea has been brought home in the last few weeks, so listen up cats and kittens.

The more someone tells you they are (or are not) a particular way, the more you can usually expect that behavior (or lack thereof) from that individual.

Say if someone tells you, "Oh, I'm not like most women, I don't hold grudges" then prepare yourself for the Olympic Grudge-Bearing Finals.  If you hear "Oh, I'm not like most women, I hate all that catty gossip" then prepare yourself to hear half-whispered conversations about all sorts of people, or find out you're being discussed behind closed doors.

Actions speak louder than words. So, although I know you know this, try to act the way you want people to perceive you, and stop talking so much about it. Because you'll come off a lot less a fool if you act out of character every now and then, rather than blathering on all day about a subject and doing the exact opposite thing when action is required.

The more you know...