I hate vague blog posts.

I hate when bloggers allude to something big and important going on in their lives, but they can't provide any information, other than to be quite vague about "stuff" and "things" - which is why you've not heard from me in a few weeks. Stuff and Things.

To compensate, here is a list of things on my mind -

- A Storm of Swords - knights, kings, queens, runaway daughters of lords trying to not get killed, and that's not even getting into the whole Things Beyond the Wall issue. Some of the story lines move more slowly. Some of them take these whacked out tangents that make no sense at the time. But they're starting to come together and I'm interested to see how it comes together in the end. Although I am reading them on Kindle, because I would get a hernia toting those books around.

- Closet organization - or lack thereof. I am determined to make some sense out of these closets, move some things to a storage unit, and make a little more room. The bigger Sarah gets, the more space becomes a premium, especially in a two bedroom apartment.

- Menu planning - again, or lack thereof. I am horrible at this for reasons that are not entirely clear except that sometimes I do not want a stinking plan. However, winging it can be expensive and just as frustrating.

- Olympics - remind me again why I suddenly am watching water polo?

- Football - coming very very soon... not nearly soon enough!