Project "Less Kelly, Better Mommy"

So the first step in this bigger picture changing of things is to get everyone eating healthier and moving more.

I've done Weight Watchers more times than I care to think about. I've gone to meetings a few times, I've done it online, and I never stick with it. I just wind up feeling guilty about spending the money on something and not using it, which starts the whole "well if I'm just going to be fat, pass the good bread please" cycle all over again.

So, I'm doing SparkPeople. It's free, which is great, and has a community built in like Weight Watchers does. The good thing for me is that instead of just counting Points, I can see calories in and how I'm eating in a simple way. Points are great, and they work for a lot of people, but I will inevitably make worse choices because it's low in Points, not because it's good for my overall protein/carb/sugar combination. So every day I can look at exactly how many calories I'm taking in, how many I'm exercising away, and how the combination of foods I'm eating affects me.

So the first step in this plan is to start planning meals for the week and making sure we're stocked up with healthier alternatives instead of a bunch of bread, cookies, and chips.

The next step is to arrange some active family time. This summer has not been as unbelievably hot as others, and I'm going to see about doing some family walks, or bike rides, or something to get all three of us out of the house and moving for a bit every day. We both have a tendency to be a bit sedentary, so it will take some effort, but I know we can do it.

I also need to get over my self-consciousness at doing workout videos at home. I know it's just John and Sarah, but in a class I can blend in... at home it's just me being a dorkus maximus in the living room. Sarah might enjoy "dancing" along with me, and it will be another thing to set a good example for her.

It's just time we made some positive changes. Like any project, it's going to take time and lots of baby steps. I'll share progress with you all here to help hold me accountable (and because really, I'm way too lazy to blog on SparkPeople and here. I feel like I'm doing good to update this as much as I do. Bear with me as I find that level of balance here.)