Catching up and a "recipe"

We're starting to get used to our new schedule, and settling in to the routine for fall.

John is working from home now, which means an extra set of hands and eyes on Sarah during the morning rush of getting ready and out the door. It also means he's there in the evenings, so my starting dinner is a little more productive. The other unanticipated wonderful thing is that he's helping me during the day - he vacuumed the floor for me one day, he did dishes one day, put away clothes another - those seem like such small things and they don't take long, but it helps so much. I'm really grateful for that extra help.

I pretty much failed this week on the whole menu planning thing, although I did find a new recipe of sorts that was a big hit, and so I'm sharing it with you. It's quite complicated, so get out your pencils.

  1. Brown a bunch of ground meat (beef, turkey, bison, whatever.)
  2. Open one can of black beans (be healthy and choose the low sodium ones and/or rinse them.)
  3. Pour the contents in the pan with the meat.
  4. Open one can of green chile enchilada sauce.
  5. Pour the contents of the can into the pan with your meat and beans.
  6. Simmer until it all comes together.
  7. Put it on chips, in tortillas, or as the most interesting sloppy joe ever.

And, Happy Labor Day! I plan on celebrating not being at work by not dreading going back until at least 5 pm on Monday afternoon.