Score! Target Clearance Strikes Again!

Disclaimer - I am in no way compensated by Target for this post. I just spend way too much money there.

Yesterday I was in Target on my lunch break, digging through the kids' clearance racks for Sarah. (Sidebar: this particular Target usually has tons of boys' stuff on clearance but not so much the girls' - what's up with that?) On my way out, I decided to just skim the ladies' clearance racks, when I found this blouse.

Sleeveless Tie Neck Blouse - Duchess Blue

Normally this top is $19.99, but it was on clearance for $5.98. I stood there and debated with myself a few minutes before I finally picked it up. I justified that it can go with my 3/4 sleeve cardigans in the office now, under blazers for interviews, and under other sweaters later in the winter. 

I normally have issues with color, and have been looking to inject a little more in my wardrobe. Now, let's not get crazy. I'm not going neon, or tangerine (no matter what the fine folks at Vogue or Elle tell me is in for fall/winter.) Certainly no mustard, unless you'd like your Kelly with a side of jaundice. 

However, blue I can do. And I felt rather wild and crazy with the tie-neck. Now to figure out how to tie it properly without looking like Tom Hanks' stunt double on "Bosom Buddies."