Thanksgiving at our house

So Thanksgiving was a fairly calm affair for us this year. John is on call this weekend, so we stayed home and enjoyed the day, just the three of us.

First, we had a late breakfast/brunch, and went for a family walk. Some of us were quite worn out.

I started cooking later in the day than I usually do, which wound up working out really well. I'm trying to think of ways to make our holidays our own, especially since it's just us, and not trying to rush and get things in before Sarah's nap was really nice.

By mid-afternoon, I had the spread ready.

Some of us were more excited about all the food than others.

It was a nice day. We hung out together, had a nice time, and there was zero stress. I had to work Friday morning, and the weather was not so great, so we stayed in. Well, Sarah and I ducked out to get hot chocolate fixings, but other than that, it was another quiet day. No shopping, no running around trying to get umpteen hundred things done. Our little Christmas tree is up, the Nativities are around the house, and we've spent a lot of time together.

And that's what the holidays are really all about.